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Types of Buyers You Would Meet While Selling Your Business

In the vast market of business selling and brokering, you might come across several types of business buyers, each one differing from one another.

Selling a business to a probable buyer might sound easy on a paper but in the practical world, it is totally different. You might encounter numerous meetings with various kinds of buyers possessing different personalities, offers, objectives, and demands.

One of the most prominent ways while figuring out How Do I Value My Business To Sell and How do I Select an Appropriate Buyer, you can get well prepared beforehand by anticipating about the various types of buyers you might meet while pursuing the selling process.

Before commencing the process of selling, you must take note of the following significant points in mind while meeting and negotiating with different buyers are:-

  • Each probable buyer will have different opinions regarding your business.
  • Every approaching buyer will implement different negotiating tactics.
  • The price offered for your business by various buyers will tend to differ based on their approach and affordability.
  • The objectives, desires, and demands of every buyer will alter.
  • Each prospective buyer will come up with different buying strategies.

Once you figure out these points, the process of selling your business will turn out to become quite easier.

Below-mentioned are some of the most common types of buyers that you might encounter in the market of business selling and brokering:-

Business Competitor

Competitors are one of the most common and significant types of buyers. Competitors always keep an eye on their co-existing similar businesses and make sure to keep a check on their activities.

Selling a business to a competitor is usually profitable as they already are familiar with your business and its current situation. They tend to offer a feasible price too as they already understand the industry you deal with.

So, if you are wondering as to How Much Should I Quote for my Business or How Much Is My Business Worth To Sell while negotiating with competitors, these questions get settled very easily due to the pre-existing information & understandings by the business competitor.

Family Members

Selling a business to family members is quite common. They prove to be of profitable buyers as they have knowledge about your business and are quite familiar with its operations. Selling your business venture to your family members comes along with several conditions such as their capacity to afford the business, their ability to run the business, their capability to operate the business activities, etc.

Individual Buyers

Individual buyers are easy to deal with while selling your business. They are called easy-purchasers as they apply fewer conditions and even the negotiation process with them is often quite uncomplicated. Conducting the process of selling with individual buyers is also very rapid which in turn helps in sealing the business deal quite smoothly.

Foreign Buyers

Another type of buyer, you might come across are the foreign buyers. Many foreign business associates take an interest in purchasing a running business. They often even offer a good amount in return for making the sale happen because it ultimately helps them in making a place for themselves in the market. Thus selling a business to foreign buyers is quite a beneficial deal from both the buying and selling perspectives.


Though a little uncommon, employees do buy the running businesses. They can be considered as an advantageous buyer as they are familiar with the business’s prevailing conditions and situations.

With the help of the Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP), you can transfer the business to your employee or rather a prospective business owner and secure your business’s continuity. Thus these were some of the most primary types of buyers that you might encounter & meet while selling your business on your own or through business brokers.

Also, if you are intending to sell your business and searching for a suitable business broker, you can avail of the services of Sunbelt Business Brokers. We have a vast network of business buyers and sellers. With our business brokering services, we will make the task of selling your business very simple & comfortable.


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