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5 Reasons You Should Opt For Business Valuation

Are you planning to sell your business? Do you know how much it’s worth? Well, business valuation is one of the most indispensable parts that you should not overlook while selling your business. Whether you are selling your business due to retirement, partnership disputes, relocation or any other reason, opting for business valuation can prove to be your smart decision while selling your business.

A business valuation performed using a proven method can provide you with multiple facts and figures associated with your business based on the asset values, market data as well as the cash flow of the company.

Why should you conduct business valuation?

The main goal of conducting a business valuation is to know “How Do I Value My Business To Sell?”. The business valuation can be performed by various methods such as market valuation method, multiplies method, discounted cash flow method and even comparable transactions method.

You can opt for any one of them which suits the best in your situation. You can even get a consultation from an experienced business broker while choosing the best business valuation formula and get the most profitable sells price for your business.

Here are the 5 reasons you should opt for business valuation:

More Accurate Company’s Worth: Every business owner has an idea about his company’s value as per the assets and market data. Well, availing the business valuation services from any reputed company can help you to get the more accurate value of your company. You may also get additional information about your business in the valuation report that can be used while selling your business.

Better Knowledge Of Business Assets: Assessing business value is very important to get a better knowledge of business assets. With all the facts and figures received fro business valuation, you can obtain insurance coverage and know how much capital you need to reinvest into your company after selling the existing one if you are planning to re-establish your business.

Know The Resale Value Of Your Business: Knowing the true value of your business is necessary especially if you are selling it. After getting business value done, you can increase the company’s value over its real value to achieve a higher selling price.

Reveal The Areas Of Improvement: Business valuation also helps you to know about the areas if improvements your business has. This helps you to work on those areas to grow your business before selling it for a higher price and close a profitable deal.

Reach More Potential Buyers: When you opt for business valuation from any reputable business brokering firm, you can reach more potential buyers. This because business brokers have a large network of potential buyers who want to invest their capital by buying a business.

Thus, if you are thinking “How Much Is My Business Worth To Sell?”, then it is the right time to opt for business valuation services to clinch the profitable deal.


6 Reasons Why You Need Business Broker

Business brokers are the ones that act as a mediator and a negotiator while buying and selling a business. They assist business owners and prospective businessmen in buying and selling the businesses. They are skilled professionals that help in estimating the value of a business, advertising a business, handling negotiations, investigating business, and all such activities.

Many people find it difficult while selling their business. Even when they are searching and intending to buy or invest in running the business, they face many problems and issues when they try to single-handedly find a desirable business. In order to overcome the problems and save time, one must go for choosing a business broker that can help individuals to effortlessly buy and sell businesses.

Following are the 6 prominent reasons why you need a business broker:-

1) Assist in the Screening Process

Business Brokers prove to be of great help in the screening process. They help in sorting out the business according to one’s requirement and perform due diligence in finding and researching every aspect of a particular business. They screen out all such business that would be the most suitable for an investor or a seller.

2) Render Immense Exposure

When you single-handedly try to sell a property on your own, you might get confined and restricted in certain boundaries. But when you hire professional business brokers, they will introduce you to numerous amount of businesses and market segments meant for buying and selling. They will provide tremendous exposure and introduce you to a lot of prospective buyers and sellers.

3) Help in Negotiation

Negotiation while selling or buying a business, is a crucial process. It requires immense patience and experience. It is a difficult and quite challenging task. The discussions of negotiations often end up in arguments and turmoil. To avoid such situations, business brokers can prove to be of great assistance as they excel in handling all the discussions with ease and bring both the party’s requirements at par.

4) Financial Assistance

Funds and finance are the most important elements when it comes to sealing a business deal. Often, investors do not have the sufficient amount required for purchasing a business they desire for. Business brokers in such circumstances lend their help as they have a huge network of contacts with the financing companies and banks as well. They may suggest the investors, such sources that may help in fulfilling the financial requirements.

5) Take Care of the Legal & Paper Work

Sealing a business deal is not an easy task. It involves a huge amount of paperwork. Business brokers help buyers and sellers by taking care of the legal work required while selling or purchasing a business. They reduce the burden of the investors and sellers and ease out all the legal side of things.

6) Maintain Confidentiality

When you enter a market segment with an intention to buy or sell a business, maintaining confidentiality can be a tough thing to do. With the help of business brokers, you can advertise your business with complete confidentiality without revealing your identity. They act as a buffer and protect your identity until you wish to do so.

These were some of the crucial reasons that prove the importance of business brokers. So next time when you ask How Do I Value My Business To Sell, or What is the Current Market Situation, What are the Prevailing Market Conditions, turn to business brokers and they will rescue you out of such problematic situations.

Also, if you are wondering about How Much Is My Business Worth To Sell, you can contact Sunbelt Business Brokers. We provide business brokering services and have a large network of potential buyers and sellers. We can ease out the buying and selling process for you and find you the most suitable seller or an investor.

Common Questions Answered About “How Do I Sell My Business?”

Have you finally decided to sell your business to start the next chapter of your life by 2020? If so, then it is important to make the right strategy to close the deal with the maximized value. You might be thinking “How do I sell my business?” and “what is the value of my business?”

Here are 5 questions answered about the business selling process:

What should be my exit strategy?

The first thing to consider before putting your business on sale is to plan your exit strategy. Being a current owner, you need to know certain aspects to plan a perfect exit strategy. You should know about the reason to sell your business, legal complications, a plan when you may lose the income and your next move.

How to know that it’s the right time to sell a business?

Most people have no idea about the right time to sell their business. While some think that they should sell their business only when there’s poor performance in the market or when they are retirement. However, the best time to sell your business when you are generating huge revenue and have a great reputation in the market.

Should I consider hiring a good business broker?

Yes, hiring a good business broker will be helpful in many ways. You should hire a business broker with a proven track record because an experienced business broker can have a database of potential buyers as well as their requirements. They can also help with listing for a business sales, boosting the exit strategy and closing ratio.

Why business valuation is important?

A business may worth a multiple of its profit. Depending on the size or type of your business, the real value of your business maybe 2–10 times the profit. Most importantly, business valuation provides the answer for “How Much Can I Sell My Business For?”, which is the real worth of your business, you can ask for the maximum price than the real worth if your business is doing well.

How to prepare my financial documents?

Preparing your financial documents is one of the major parts of proper business valuation. You should prepare an adjusted profit and the loss statement to present to your buyers. You can even hire a trusted accountant who can prepare the documentation for you and make the overall process easier.

What type of business is the best to put on sale?

Well, businesses from all the industries can be sold with great value. No matter what type of business you own; transportation & logistics, home services, property management, health, and nutrition or even technology, you can easily sell your business for fair value.

Well, the process of selling your business is not as complicated as it seems, you just have to make a right move with an organized action plan. Even when you are a successful business owner, you may be overwhelmed with the exit strategy and documentation. You may have common questions regarding the process of business sell, the above answers can make your business selling process easier.

What Are The Top Reasons People Sell Their Business?

Many entrepreneurs search for “How Do I Sell My Business?”, which is even the secondary question. The primary question is- Should I sell my business for this reason? However, the reason for selling a business can be anything but every entrepreneur wants to get the maximized profit over the total worth of the company.

There are commonly two types of entrepreneurs exist in the world. One type is an entrepreneur who leaves the entire business with all the authorities for their children to operate while the other type is an entrepreneur who put their business on sale and moves on. Well, it may not be a great idea to leave your business for your family as to what if they don’t have that skill set or interest to run the business as you do.

In such a scenario, it is better to sell your business and clinch a profitable deal. Some people get ready to sell their business due to retirement or they want to live a simple lifestyle. Retirement is one of the most common reasons for selling the business as per several surveys. The benefit of selling the business because of retirement is that it required less time to plan and an exit strategy.

Apart from retirement, there are many other reasons people sell their business, such as-

  • Business Growth: A business that is consistently growing in any specific domain is certainly a business that worth selling. Buyers and investors always prefer to purchase a business that is already growing. In this way, buyers can immediately be the part of that growing business and take in the profits too. As an entrepreneur, you might want to leverage the opportunity to sell your business and ask for the maximized value, and the chances of getting the same value will be high.
  • Relocation: Although business relocation may be possible there are certain challenges such as moving current staff while hiring the new one, moving properties & assets, changing suppliers and so on. In most cases, entrepreneurs decide to sell their business instead of moving to another location.
  • Health Concerns: Unfortunately, this is the common reason for putting a business on sale. Many small-sized businesses are highly reliant on the owners, and if the owner becomes ill, the business may struggle. In such a situation, the key is to find the right business broker who can help you to sell your business at the right time.
  • Partner Disputes: Most often, partnerships also become a common reason for business sell. This can sometimes present a great opportunity for buyers as business owners are in the hurry to sell the business and they don’t even plan an exit strategy.


Ultimately, the reason or circumstances play a significant role in the very decision of selling a business. However, every entrepreneur should try to get a relevant answer for “How Much Can I Sell My Business For?” That means, they should opt for the business valuation to get the real value of their business.

Types of Business Valuation Method Every Entrepreneur Should Know

Regardless of the reason, when it comes to selling your business, you should have a fair idea about your business’s worth to close a profitable deal. Business valuation is the best way to determine your business’s worth including the values of liquid assets, equipment, property, inventory or anything that add value in the economic worth of your business. Other factors that play a major role in business valuation are revenue, projected earnings, management structure and a lot more.

There are multiple types of business valuation methods available, you should use them depending on the situation. You should consider the size of your business, your domain, and other aspects while choosing the method for business valuation. Well, if you are looking for “how much is my business worth to sell?” it would be a smart decision if you hire a team of business brokers to get experts’ assistance in this process. With the years of expertise and knowledge in this field, they can provide you with the most objective and accurate business valuation possible.

The Common Types Of Business Valuation Methods Are:

  • Asset-Based Business Valuation: As the name suggests, this method involves considering the total net asset value of your business, minus the value of total liabilities as per the balance sheet. Basically, this asset-based approach totals up all the investments done in the business. The main ways to perform this method for business valuation on a liquidation basis or a going concern basis.
  • Discount Cash Flow Valuation: If the business profit is not expected to remain stable in the future as per the current condition of your company, then opting for a discount cash flow valuation is the best option. It is also known as the income approach, which values the business as per the projected cash flow and discounts them to the present-day values.
  • Multiplies Method: Multiplies method is also a common method for business valuation used by most business brokers. It is also known as the Times Revenue Method, where the maximum worth of the business is calculated by assigning a multiplier to its present revenue. However, multipliers vary according to the industry domain, economic factors, and many other factors.
  • Relative Valuation: With the relative valuation approach, you can determine how much your competitors would bring if they sell their business while knowing “how do I value my business to sell?” By using this business valuation method, your business broker compares the value of your business assets to your competitor’s value of similar assets and then provides you with a reasonable asking price.
  • Historical Earnings Valuation: The gross income of your business, capitalization of cash flow and capability to repay the debt are certain factors that determine its current worth. If the value of your business drops gradually, then you should focus on repaying the debt quickly while maintaining the stability of positive cash flow. This will be beneficial to improve your business value by using a historical earnings valuation approach.

Thus, whether you own a startup, a small firm or a well-established organization, you should choose the best method for determining your business worth.

6 Steps To Sell a Business Smoothly And Profitably

Selling a business can be a tedious and detailed process. To sell your business seamlessly, you should plan a few months ago while deploying a strategic approach. Throughout the selling process, having assistance from advisory or local business brokers team who are experienced in acquisitions, would be a great help.

If you are looking for “How Do I Sell My Business, but don’t know how to proceed, then there are some tried-and-true to-do steps you should consider and cross of your list early. Here are the top steps you should follow to close a great deal:

  • Consider Exit Strategy in Place:

It is always recommended to have a contingency plan or exit strategy in place in case you are forced into a situation where the business sale is the only option left. Every exit strategy should have a clear understanding of the expected pitfalls, a succession plan to organize day-to-day operations and how much you make from the sale to cover the prior finances.

  • Clean Up Your Financial Records:

When it comes to selling your business, you want to make your accountancy and bookkeeping spotless. This is not just important to avid getting red flags from prospective buyers but also for closing a fair deal for your business.

  • Enhance Value Before The Business Sale:

The business consultation providers suggest things like reducing expenses, streamlining processes, focusing on core competencies, reducing customer concentration etc to enhance the value of the business before the sale. Working with a business consulting firm having relevant experience in business sales can be very valuable in the overall business process.

  • Hire Any Business Valuation Expert:

There are certain easy ways available to determine the value of your business when you put it on sale. Hiring a business valuation expert helps you get a more precise figure of your business’s worth. Business valuation experts will determine the actual value of your company based on the revenue, sales, inventory, debts and outstanding invoices.

  • Qualify Potential Buyers:

Some potential buyers that show their interest in your business will not be qualified to invest in your business. A good business broker helps in screening those buyers and close the deal effectively. It is recommended to focus on business growth instead of wasting your crucial time communicating with unqualified buyers.

  • Negotiate the Deal:

The process of business sale has many professional and financial considerations for the owner and the management team as well. The buying price is only one factor in the overall result. There are many other components which involve in the negotiating process such as asset sale vs stock sale, terms, earn-out, seller financing and security to support liabilities; equity ownership, employment contracts and so on.

The Final Word

When it comes to the best way to sell a business, the above-mentioned steps can make the process easier ad get you the best possible results for your efforts. Well, hiring a team of qualified and experienced business brokers is the most effective option to clinch a fair deal.

4 Easy Ways To Sell Your Business For The Best Price

Selling your business is one of the daunting tasks as it involves several considerations. You may need to enlist a business broker, attorney or accountant as you proceed. However, your profit will all depend on the timing of the sale, the reason for the sale, the total business worth, the business structure and so on. The overall process for business sales may be time-consuming especially when you are not much aware of the market conditions.

Now, if you are searching —How Do I Sell My Business? then here are some smart ways to sell your business smoothly and profitably.

  • Reasons For The Business Sale: When you have decided to sell your business, it is important to be prepared with the reason as this is the first question a potential buyer will ask. The common reasons behind the business sale can be retirement, partnership disputes, becoming overworked, illness or death, or even boredom. Sometimes, owners present loss as the reason for sale, but this can make it harder to grab attention from potential buyers.
  • Find Attributes To Attract Buyers: Most often, businesses fail to attract potential buyers as they don’t have an idea to present their business listing well. You can make your business appear more attractive if you are able to show attributes including increasing profits, a strong customer base, consistent revenue and so on.
  • Business Valuation: If you don’t know the answer to the question- How Much Can I Sell My Business For? then it is the perfect time to opt for reliable business valuation services. There are many business valuation service providers available in the market, who use the best and proven methods to determine the actual worth of your business.
  • Use a Trusted Business Broker: Selling your business with the help of a business broker is the best way to close the deal smoothly while avoiding all types of obstacles. Business brokers have the know-how of the market conditions and document completion, thus you can consider hiring them to maximize the selling terms.

The bottom line

Selling your business requires proper planning and expert assistance to close the deal in a profitable manner. If you are looking for the best team of business brokers that can assist you in selling your business, then you should rely on Sunbelt Of Beverly Hills. It helps you clinch the best deal in California in a short time possible. They make the overall business selling process easier by determining the value of your business. The entire team is committed to delivering you with great assistance while selling your business.

About Sunbelt Of Beverly Hills: Sunbelt Of Beverly Hills is the most trusted team of business brokers who helps you to sell your business at the right time and gain profits beyond your expectations.

Sell Your Business With Sunbelt of Beverly Hills

Selling your existing business is not as easy as it seems. It involves a lot of tedious processes, documentation, and meetings. But when you do it by listing your business on sale, it provides a bit of relaxation. But still, you need expert assistance to close the deal seamlessly and profitably. There are a plethora of companies available that offer top-quality business consulting solutions to people who want to sell their business, but choosing the one which is reliable and reputed is crucial.

Sunbelt Beverly Hills is one such reliable company on which you can trust to sell your business. They are a team of expert and highly skilled business brokers who helps you sell or buy businesses across all the industries. With a large network of buyers and business listings in Beverly Hills, California, they have been helping several business sellers and investors to meet their specific needs. Thus, if you want to sell your business and make it a profitable deal, you should undoubtedly consider Sunbelt Beverly Hills.

Here are 6 reasons to choose Sunbelt Beverly Hills for selling your business:

  • Preparation Before Selling The Business: It is absolutely important to be prepared before putting your business on sale if you want to gain the actual worth of your business. The expert business brokers at Sunbelt Beverly Hills assist you and your team to get your business ready for sale.
  • Maximize Your Business Value: Business valuation is the most important step that most of the business sellers skip and lose top dollars. The team of Sunbelt Beverly Hills uses certain procedures and methods to determine the actual value of your business and let your potential business buyers pay the highest value for it.
  • Use the Best Business Valuation Formulas: They apply the best business valuation formulas to determine the more realistic price of your business or company. They apply the market valuation method, discounted cash flow method, multiplied method or even comparable transaction methods.
  • Maximize Selling Terms: Apart from assisting you with- how do I sell my business, their team also maximizes the selling terms. They help you get all the cash when the deal is closed from both the parties.
  • Business Listings: Sunbelt Beverly Hills offers you access to list your business on sale on its site. They help your listing get more attention with the necessary details that every potential business buyers want to know, such as cash flow (SDE), net income, years of experience, location, a reason to sell and so on.
  • Digital Marketing Strategies: To boost your listing in the marketplace and grab attention from more buyers, they deploy top-notch digital marketing strategies such as SEO, SMO, PPC, emails, etc. along with telemarketing, letters, and postcards.

Thus, if you are looking for the best business brokers to get assistance for- how to sell a small business, you should hire a team of Sunbelt Beverly Hills and sell your business in a hassle-free manner. Being a leading business seller in the world, Sunbelt Beverly Hills can meet all your expectations for selling your business.

Why it is Important to Know Your Company’s Worth?

In this fast-paced business era, business owners should ask themselves “What is my company’s worth?” and “how do I sell my business well”?, It is one of the vitally important questions because knowing your company’s worth can have a huge impact on your both personal as well as professional life in the future. Most often, business is considered as the most valuable assets for business owners. Knowing the realistic perspective and true value of the company helps in making effective strategies and plans to ensure its continuation, future growth, succession plan, and even retirement plan.

According to the study from MassMutual Business owner, usually the critical times for business valuations are:

  • When it is required to have another measure of business success.
  • To know if the company has a significant value in the marketplace.
  • To put the company on sale.

However, the business valuation offers owners with several facts and figures associated with the true value of the company in terms of asset values, market competition as well as income values. It is recommended to all the business owners to opt for business valuation and display its growth.

Here’s the detailed information about why it is important to know your company’s worth:

Better Knowledge & Understanding Of The Company’s Assets:

Knowing and obtaining the true business valuation assessment helps you gain a better knowledge of your company’s assets and proper insurance coverage. Thus, you can make well-informed decisions to reinvest into the company while knowing how much to sell your company for, so that you can still make a profitable deal.

Selling Your Business Seamlessly:

When you know that “how much can I sell my business for”? along with EBIT (Earnings before Interest and Tax), you can easily sell your business seamlessly. You can use the business valuation assessment to set a strategic roadmap of development and improvement for your company.

Planning for Business Expansion:

For those business owners, who are planning for expansion, having a complete business valuation assessment report acts as a critical tool. By providing a true industry benchmark, it makes easier to gain funding from lenders and several financial organizations. Opting for business valuations regularly helps you focus on the highlighted to achieve the desired growth.

Approaching Retirement:

If you are approaching retirement, then you should consider opting for business valuation and know your company’s worth. It will provide you with a clear and in-depth understanding of how much your company is worth now and “how to sell a small business online”? Once you know the worth, you can identify how much you need to generate from the company sale to retire comfortably and gain financial freedom.

Insurance Cover:

When it comes to the buy/sell life insurance agreement, business partners invest in life insurance policies. Well, the business value varies depending on the competition, market conditions as well as financial performance.

Business valuation is not just beneficial to know the real worth of your company, but also have a better understanding of your business’s strengths and weaknesses. In this way, businesses can work on their key growth factors and increase the value of their company.

5 Need-to-know Tips for Selling Your Business

Are you planning to sell your business this year? Well, you have picked the perfect time to do so. In this current scenario with the upward economy, selling your business will help you earn top dollars. While it will be possible for buyers to acquire the business due to low-interest rates.

Despite the fortunate period, you may feel overwhelmed about how to list my business for sale with the right strategy. You might have worked hard to improve the sale of your products and services, similarly, the process of listing your business can be optimized that helps you make the most of your offering. No matter if you want to gain more profit from the sale or need to close quickly, implementing the more strategic approach to the completion of your business sale will lead you to succeed and achieve your specific goals.

Well, the process of listing your business on sale and grabbing attention from potential buyers can be time-consuming and stressful. But here are some need-to-know tips to make the entire business selling process smoother, more rewarding and profitable.

Seek Financial And Legal Expertise: No matter what sort of business you are going to sell, it is crucial to hire the consulting professionals to complete the necessary financial, tax and legal processes in a smooth manner possible.

Ensure Proper Paperwork: Commonly, all the potential buyers check your financials, taxes and existing contracts about your business. Thus, you should ensure that all the paperwork and related things are organized to have a smoother process. Also, you should get all the tax records for the past three years, especially the cash flow report.

Set Timing For The Sale: Preparing the listing for your business sale as early as possible will help you to improve your business structure, financial records and customer base. This can also ease the transition for the potential buyer and make the business more profitable.

Business Valuation: You should determine your business worth to make sure that you don’t price too low or too high. You can opt for business valuation services and have a detailed explanation of your business value. Also, the proper documentation from the business valuation will add credibility to the asking price.

Hire a Business Broker: Listing a business for sale may help you save money and avoid paying broker’s fees. But what you not know is hiring a local business broker may help you gain a huge benefit while selling your business securely. You can maintain constant communication with your broker and discuss all your expectations.

The bottom line

Selling a business can be quite daunting for many people, but following these need-to-know tips can ease the burden. So, if you are planning to list your business for sale, then consider these tips and close the deal that meets your expectations.